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65% of new Members saved at least £50 on their buildings and contents cover between July and December 2017

Offer available for new like-for-like buildings and content combined cover. Minimum price £80. We may ask for details about your renewal. Cover subject to normal underwriting criteria. The offer may be withdrawn at any time and is not available with any other offer

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Why Choose The Military Mutual

  • Available to everyone, whether you are serving, a veteran, a pensioner, a family member or a proud supporter of our Armed Forces
  • Up to £1,000,000 buildings cover and £100,000 contents cover
  • Build your cover to suit your needs
  • Cover options include accidental damage,home emergency and family legal protection
  • Military Kit is covered as standard for serving members
  • Friendly UK based call centre
  • We’re a mutual which means we have no shareholders; any surpluses belong to our Members and can be used to support military-related causes

Together we’re Stronger

You don’t have to be in the Armed Forces to be a member or take out cover with us. If you support our Armed Forces and believe they do a great job you’re welcome to join us.

At The Military Mutual, our Manifesto is very simple: always do the right thing for our Members.

It’s why as a Mutual, we don’t have shareholders. Instead, we let our Members have a say in how we do things. And why we can use our discretion to settle claims, even if that means we pay out more than the policy would cover or normally allow.

We will always do what we believe is the right thing to do.

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Who Provides Your Cover

The Military Mutual offers cover on a discretionary basis to its Members which means the Board can, at its discretion, settle claims outside the normal terms and conditions if they feel that Members would support this.

We collect contributions from our Members and use these to pay claims and to cover operating expenses. Any future surpluses generated beyond these needs belong to our Members and can only be used for the benefit of our Members or as agreed by our Members.

In addition to the discretionary protection, we’ve also arranged an insurance contract for you with Builders Direct S.A., a European company authorised to operate in the UK and rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best for its financial strength. The purpose of this insurance protection is to provide you with contractual insurance rights alongside your discretionary cover. Therefore, Members of The Military Mutual have two layers of protection within their cover for increased security and peace of mind.

For Home Owners and Tenants

  • Cover for your contents, valuables and personal belongings
  • Up to £50,000 contents cover including up to £3,000 for any one single item as standard
  • Up to £2,000,000 owners’, occupiers’ and public liability cover
  • Your contents & personal belongings will be covered worldwide for up to 60 days as standard
  • Serving members of military personnel will have their military kit covered for them as standard
  • Choose your excess from as little as £50

For Building Cover

  • Up to £500,000 buildings cover as standard

Optional Add Ons

Home Emergency Cover

  • Up to £1,000 to make your home safe and prevent more damage
  • Up to £250 for overnight accommodation

Family Legal Cover

  • Up to £50,000 Family Legal Cover for cost and expenses
COVER LEVELSStandardStandard Plus
Accidental damageOptionalIncluded
Alternative accommodation£20,000£50,000
Replacement locks£500£1,000
Finding a leak etc£1,000£2,500
Building materials£1,000£2,500
Damage to trees, plants and shrubsNot Included£1,500
Accidental damageOptionalIncluded
Protection limit each item of personal belonging and valuable£3,000£5,000
Protection limit for each piece of kit£4,000£7,500
Money and bank cards£250£750
Fridge or freezer contents£250£500
Alternative accommodation£10,000£20,000
Replacement locks£500£1,000
Trees and shrubsNot Included£1,500
Domestic heating oil and water£1,000£2,000
Living quarters and MOD contents£20,000£20,000
Pedal cycles£500£1,500
Contents in the open£1,000£2,500
Property in Student accommodation£1,500£2,500
Property in a bank, where you work etc£2,500£5,000
Fatal injuryNot Included£25,000
Home business moneyNot Included£25,000
Home business cost to continue workingNot Included£25,000
Home business stolen or damaged recordsNot Included£5,000
YOUR LEGAL LIABILITIES£2,000,000£2,000,000
Liability to Domestic staffNot Included£10,000,000
Unpaid compensation and legal costsNot Included£2,000,000
Home business liabilityNot Included£2,000,000
Burns to more than 25% of your body£10,000£20,000
Broken arm or leg£500£1,000
Short term disability each week£80£160
Loss of both arms or legs£40,000£80,000
Loss of sight in both eyes£40,000£80,000
Loss of sight in one eye£20,000£40,000
Loss of one arm, leg or eye£20,000£40,000
Loss of speech£20,000£40,000
Loss of hearing in both ears£20,000£40,000
Loss of use of hands, feet, arms or legs£20,000£40,000
Permanently disabled and cannot work£20,000£40,000
Hospital each day£30£60
Burns to more than 25% of your body£10,000£20,000
Broken arm or leg£500£1,000
Short term disability each week£80£160
Loss of both arms or legs£40,000£80,000
To make home safe and prevent more damage£1,000£1,000
Overnight acccommodation£250£250

“Telephoned Military Mutual today after receiving their leaflet through the post and I am glad i did, i was speaking with a very pleasant young lady Sasha who set up my home and contents insurance very promptly and at a very reasonable price.”

A. Perry

“I have received the payment, thank you so much for all your help, you’ve been really helpful and I’m very pleased that I picked such a good company for my home cover!”

K. KerridgeHome Insurance customer

“I appreciate The Military Mutual helping out an ex-serving member. It’s nice to see a company that helps out the military and ex-military personnel.”

CD, Midlothian (ex-Army)Buildings & Contents Cover

“I sent an email in the morning and got a call back in the afternoon. After a good, interesting and informative conversation I have happily taken out a policy, and will come back for a car insurance quote as and when.”

DB, Gosport (ex-Royal Navy)Home & Contents Cover

“I found The Military Mutual to be prompt; you rang us today as you said you would. The people I spoke to were courteous, and gave me very competitive prices. I cannot fault you!”

GJ, Manchester (ex-Army)Home Cover

“The Military Mutual has given me an outstanding quote. I am truly impressed on how superb the service is and I will recommend The Military Mutual to everybody who asks me.”

GS, London (currently serving in the Army)Military Kit & Personal Belongings Cover

“I follow The Military Mutual on Twitter and I think that it’s really good that you look after military personnel. You answered all my questions and explained all of my options. I had an A1 service from the people I spoke to.”

DH, Gosport (ex-RN)Home Cover

“Very friendly and helpful. Great product, price and service. Highly recommend.”

MS, Devon (ex-army)Home Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Home Insurance cover?

There are two main types of home insurance: buildings insurance and contents insurance, you can also buy combined buildings and contents insurance.

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home – for example, your walls, windows and roof, as well as permanent fixtures and fittings, such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchens – while contents insurance covers the possessions in your home.

As well as covering you for theft, home insurance also protects you against damage caused by a number of unforeseen events, including flooding, fire and explosions.

Is Home Insurance compulsory, mandatory or a legal requirement?

It is not compulsory to take out Home Insurance, but if you have a mortgage on your property the lender will almost always insist that you have adequate Buildings Insurance in place. If you are in the process of buying a home, you should make sure you have buildings cover in place when you exchange contracts, as you then have a financial interest in the property.

Why is Home Insurance is important?

Your home is probably your largest and most important investment — not to mention that it’s also the roof over your head. It makes absolute sense to protect it.

As for contents insurance, how you would cope if you lost all of your possessions in a fire or your valuables due to a robbery?

How much home insurance do I need/should I get?

For Buildings Insurance, it’s important to make sure you insure yourself for the amount it would cost to completely rebuild your home. The cost of rebuilding your home is not the same as the price you paid for your home, or its current value if you were to sell it. Rebuild costs are usually less than the current market value, so make sure you don’t over or under insure yourself.

To help you work out the cost of rebuilding your home, there’s a Building Cost Information Service online calculator on the Association of British Insurers’ website.

What Home Insurance do I need if I rent?

Your landlord should be responsible for the maintenance of the building and any contents they provide.

However you are accountable for your own personal belongings and arranging adequate cover for these. If you would like to know more about Home Contents Insurance, call us now on 0800 088 2966.

Important Documents

Home cover purchased from 18 May 2016 and renewed from 10 June 2016

There is an excess of £50 on all the sections of cover, for Section 4 Legal liability and occupier’s liability the excess only applies to claims for damage to property. The excess is the amount you pay towards the cost of a claim.