Commercial Combined Cover

Commercial Combined Cover for Large or Complex Needs

The Military Mutual was set up to do the right thing, which means offering the military family great products and service, always dealing with claims fairly and going the extra mile. In particular we seek to support Military Service Funds, Regimental Associations, military museums and military veteran-owned businesses.

Our Pricing Approach

Our Business Cover is flexible and we work hard to ensure we can meet a wide range of needs, some of which may well be non-standard for many insurers. There are no broker commissions with us and, as a Mutual, we don’t have shareholder pressures to make profits. That means we can offer very competitive pricing whilst still making sure we settle agreed claims in the right way for our Members.

Why Choose The Military Mutual

The Military Mutual Commercial Combined offering is supported by highly skilled commercial underwriters with vast knowledge in the commercial sector. Our underwriters have first-hand experience in developing protection programmes that include high value property and liability risks with the City of London Livery Companies, Heritage Collectables, outdoor and activity centres such as parachute clubs, security firms, and fire authorities. So, whatever the risk, it’s worth getting in touch as we can usually help.

We were created by military people to support the military family in its broadest sense. So we’re particularly keen to help military veterans and organisations that provide support to the military family or protect our military heritage.

Together we’re Stronger

As a Mutual we’re owned by our Members. Because we don’t have shareholders who expect to be paid dividends, any future surpluses can be used to re-invest in products and services and support the wider military community.

When you take out cover with us, you automatically become a Member of The Military Mutual, which means you can have a say in how the business is run, if you want to. Any surplus funds we generate in the future can be used to benefit our Members and support a range of military causes. So switch to us today, and not only do you get bespoke cover, you could also help us support our armed forces.

The Extent of Coverage Available Includes

  • Large property risks
  • Public liability
  • Employers’ liability
  • Personal accident
  • Cyber and data protection cover
  • Molestation cover for associations involved in providing care
  • Commercial legal expenses

Whatever the Need…

We understand that every business is unique and appreciate how much time and pressure is involved when it comes to managing your business. We also appreciate that running an organisation that supports the military family is every bit as tough and working within tight financial constraints is the norm.

So why not give us a call so we can design a product solution that meets your needs, could save you money and takes away some of the worry for you?

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Who Provides Your Cover

The contributions from our Members are used to pay claims and to cover operating expenses. Any surplus beyond these needs belongs to our Members and can only be used for the benefit of our Members or as agreed by our Members.

The Military Mutual offers cover on a discretionary basis to its Members which means the Board can, at its discretion, settle claims outside the normal terms and conditions if they feel that Members would support this.

As an added benefit of membership, TMM has purchased for some of our discretionary mutual products additional protection for itself and for the benefit of our members via contractual insurance policies. These Group Insurance Policies exactly match your mutual cover with us. The protection available under these policies guarantees that you will be paid for a covered loss in the event that we do not pay you in full under the discretionary cover. These Group Insurance Policies are quite separate from your discretionary cover with the mutual.

These policies are available on request by emailing:

The Military Mutual provides cover for employee liability claims in our mutual product. However, in order to meet the statutory requirements for Employee Liability protection we have provided members with additional contractual insurance through an additional policy with a 3rd party insurer.  This policy exactly matches your mutual cover and allows an Employee Liability Certificate of Insurance to be issued to you alongside your mutual cover.

You can view this insurance policy in the Members Area

Telephoned Military Mutual today after receiving their leaflet through the post and I am glad i did, i was speaking with a very pleasant young lady Sasha who set up my home and contents insurance very promptly and at a very reasonable price.

A. Perry

I have received the payment, thank you so much for all your help, you’ve been really helpful and I’m very pleased that I picked such a good company for my home cover!

K. KerridgeHome Insurance customer

I appreciate The Military Mutual helping out an ex-serving member. It’s nice to see a company that helps out the military and ex-military personnel.

CD, Midlothian (ex-Army)Buildings & Contents Cover

I sent an email in the morning and got a call back in the afternoon. After a good, interesting and informative conversation I have happily taken out a policy, and will come back for a car insurance quote as and when.

DB, Gosport (ex-Royal Navy)Home & Contents Cover

I found The Military Mutual to be prompt; you rang us today as you said you would. The people I spoke to were courteous, and gave me very competitive prices. I cannot fault you!

GJ, Manchester (ex-Army)Home Cover

The Military Mutual has given me an outstanding quote. I am truly impressed on how superb the service is and I will recommend The Military Mutual to everybody who asks me.

GS, London (currently serving in the Army)Military Kit & Personal Belongings Cover

I follow The Military Mutual on Twitter and I think that it’s really good that you look after military personnel. You answered all my questions and explained all of my options. I had an A1 service from the people I spoke to.

DH, Gosport (ex-RN)Home Cover

Very friendly and helpful. Great product, price and service. Highly recommend.

MS, Devon (ex-army)Home Cover

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your colleague Steve’s professional and courteous manner in which he dealt with me on the phone. After saving £90 on my Home Insurance renewal I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to my friends and colleagues!

Mr Gary D

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commercial Combined Cover?

Commercial Combined Cover protects businesses against potential losses through unforeseen circumstances like theft, property damage and business interruption, and liability to the public or injured employees.

The kind of cover you need will depend on the nature of the business.

Do I need Commercial Combined Cover?

Regardless of what your organisation does, every business in the UK that employs one member of staff or more is required by law to have employers’ liability insurance in place, and having public liability in place is also sensible.

What type of cover do I need?

Every business is different and the type of cover required largely depends on what type of business you operate, how large it is and what sort of assets you need to protect. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs further on 0330 202 0913.

Is The Military Mutual able to offer the kind of cover I need?

The Military Mutual Commercial Combined offering is supported by highly skilled commercial underwriters with vast experience that includes high value property and liability risks with City of London Livery Companies, Heritage Collectables, outbound and activity centres such as parachute clubs, security firms, fire authorities, and retail premises. So, whatever the risk it’s worth getting in touch as we can usually help.