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Tips on preventing flood damage

Preventing flood damage

Flood damage is one of the most devastating events a homeowner can face. Not only does it have financial repercussions, it also has a significant emotional impact, with irreplaceable items lost or damaged and the uncertainty of having your home uninhabitable for a considerable amount of time.

So what can you do to prevent a flood?

You can prevent water entering into your home by:

  • Fitting non-return valves on drain pipes
  • Keeping valuables raised i.e. on the wall or on high shelving
  • Using air brick covers
  • Sealing any cracks
  • Installing a sump pump
  • Raising electrical sockets to at least 1.5 metres above the ground floor
  • Installing water-resistant doors and windows

Being prepared for a flood will limit the damage caused to your home and personal belongings, and will reduce the risk to you and your family. If flooding is deep and flood warnings are being issued, allow plenty of time to evacuate your home safely. Flood warnings are issued for a reason and can save you time, money and heartache.

If your home is affected by flooding, how can you minimise the damage?

  • Use barriers for the doors, windows and garage
  • Use sand bags
  • Move valuables upstairs
  • Keep documents in a watertight, secure container
  • If instructed to evacuate, evacuate immediately