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Feature: What the General Election & a Mutual have in Common

How does the build up to the General Election make you feel? Excited – interested – confused – anxious or unmoved? Politics can divide opinion, within families as well as the community at large. For many, the act of voting is seen as a public duty, a form of citizenship, a symbol of freedom. For others, it’s pointless, irrelevant and not worth the effort of walking to the polling station.

How we view the world around us differs according to lifestyle, money, values and past experience.  What is one person’s top priority could be largely irrelevant to another. That’s where party politics comes in. Let’s face it, 2015 has some weighty issues hanging in the balance. Politicians are just ordinary people after all – no one holds all the answers. As individuals, we need to decide where our priorities lie.

What is it that you care about? We all view life differently. Every vote has equal weight. It’s only when all those different views come together at Election time that a true picture of how we feel as a nation can emerge. That’s why representation from society as a whole is so important. We need the picture to be an accurate one.

Your vote may feel like it counts for nothing; that like a single snowflake, it has no impact. Just remember, many snowflakes can make an avalanche, with  power to make an impact.


The right to vote is not limited to the world of politics

A Mutual empowers its members, in the same way as a democracy empowers its citizens, by giving you the opportunity to vote and have your say. The Military Mutual is owned by and answers to its members. We’re here to help those with a military connection.

So, what are the facts about mutuality?

Once you’re a member, it becomes your mutual – Mutual organisations operate for the benefit of all members and offer ownership and a sense of belonging.

No dividends to shareholders – Did you know that because a mutual is owned by its members  surpluses are not  stripped out and given to outside shareholders? There are no shareholders. This means that money can be used for the benefit of the members who use the Mutual’s products and services.

Your vote is important – As a member, you’ll be invited to attend  the Annual General Meeting, where you can exercise your right to vote, either in person or by appointing a proxy.  Information relating to how the Mutual has performed over the previous year and a forecast for the coming year is made readily available.

Belonging to something meaningful is priceless, be it your immediate family, your national identity, the local community, or an organisation. To be part of something, you have to feel included and listened to. Just remember, whether a democratic nation, or a Mutual your vote counts.. Use it wisely.

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